Duplicati 2.0 Setup

Setting up Duplicati 2.0 to backup via SFTP

Download client from duplicati.com

Install, but disable the auto-start duplicati option during install

Do not start duplicati after install

Also, don't run Duplicati from the desktop icon, in fact, delete it, and install the service with the following command:
"c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\InstallUtil.exe" "c:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.WindowsService.exe" (or similar, depending on your .NET install)

Start service duplicati in services.msc

Go to 1and1.com and create new verticalcomputers.com subdomain for this cliet, i.e. ddcpabak.verticalcomputers.com for DDCPA's backups
Then point that FQDN's CNAME record to whatever backup server, i.e. dr1.verticalcomputers.com

Access GUI via browser at   Go settings, and click remote access. save. restart service
   Add new backup. Give it a name and disable encryption (as SSH will be encrypted anyway)
   Select SFTP/SSH as Storage Type, to the subdomain created above, and the appropriate port of the VC backup server, i.e. port 8452 (or whatever destination server/port)

On the storage server, setup an account
   First, create new dataset
   Then create user account
      Set home directory to the new dataset just created
      Make username  and full name the same
      blank out email

Go back to dataset, and set permissions to the user just created, click recursive, and save

In VC IT file, Offsite Backup tab, document the above, as well as any other info to follow

Back in Duplicati GUI, enter in the above info where required
   Path on server
   Then test the connection and accept the certificate
   Select the advanced option: Accept any ssl certificate, and click next

Go to next screen, and select the backup source(s)

On next screen, set schedule. Be sure to document it, as well as spread out the backup based on other backups

On options screen,
   set snapshot-policy to on
   set SMTP url to mail.verticalcomputers.com:2226 for external or mail.verticalcomputers.com:26 (different port) for internal.
   *we should refine this with a receive connector that will allow from anywhere that is authenticated (maybe same as default but with "anonymous" checked?), so we can just setup a backup@verticalcomputers.com for this. FBC is a good example, as they have a dynamic IP which will not be allowed to send mail after it changes (see relay step directly below)
   **also, you'll in the meantime have to add that IP to the VC Relay receive connector scope
   Set send-mail-to whoever@wherever.com   Set trottle-upload to at most, 75% of user's upload bandwidth

Run the backup, and make sure you get an email notification

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